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Bwenzi Langa Virtual Counselling


Bwenzi Langa is a Chewa word for ‘my friend’. At Bwenzi Langa, you have a friend who is listening. Our goal is to empower Zambian youths to heal from past wounds, grow into the people they would like to become, and thrive in their lives. We provide counselling services in trauma, stress, career & guidance, finance, family life, disability, suicide and violence situations.

Advantages of using our service:

  • Accessibility: Our service is readily available.

  • Convenience: We offer counselling across many communication platforms.

  • Affordability: We understand you need help but may not be able to pay for it.

  • Eliminates social stigma: No one will judge you, and unless you yourself share with someone, no one else will know about it.

  • Anonymity: You can choose to stay anonymous. Sometimes it’s better to share with a stranger.

  • Without Bias: We won’t discriminate on account of race, tribe, gender, age, size or physical appearance.

  • Qualified Therapists: Guaranteed, you will be talking to professionals that are highly ethical.

Communication Options:

  • SMS

  • Call

  • WhatsApp text

  • Facebook Messenger

Bwenzi Langa – You're Not Alone

*Youths under 18 need clearance from their guardians.

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